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Hello. My name is Wolfgang Spahn and I am a German artist.

Last year I was invited by Atteqa Malik for a workshop in

Orangi Project as a test for this Biennale and

I was really happy to get this year’s invitation for Biennale so that

I can show my work here.

Currently I am giving a workshop where students are making a picture

with light LEDs, painting, coding, soldering and everything

together to make a unique art-work.



I got this opportunity through teachers as it would be helpful for me.

So I thought about not wasting this opportunity and I decided to join.

My experience has been great as I did a computerized LED painting.


Maqsood Jam Mohammad:

It is a merger of arts and technology to make something creative.

A detailed technology programming and art programme was carried out.


Sonia Naseer:

My experience with this workshop has been wonderful as

I got to learn new things.

I already make the paintings but

doing it with LED lights was a very different kind of experience.


Maqsood Jam Mohammad:

Embedded technology system is an evolutionary field and

it is getting powerful day by day, which can prove to be very fruitful for the art.



having a good time here as lot of nice people are helping as a lot,

I got fantastic support by the great institute and

people from the Biennale and from Karachi.

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