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Arshad Faruqui

There is an exhibition of product design at KOEL

if you see the definition of product, it is anything which can be used by the people

on the basis of that, I contacted different architects, artists and designers

and requested them to design one such usable item

which can be used at home easily.

From coat hangers to bench to glasses to jewelry items as well as lamps, all are there

and the good thing about it is they are designer pieces

they are one-offs we always look at the art pieces,

paintings and sculptures at the galleries

it is a bit different as we have asked people to design the products.


Sonia Rehman Qureshi

This is an amazing collection from Arshad Faruqui

and it is an honor having the opportunity to work with the people involved.

and one of the most intersting things is the impressive collaboration

there are architects, designers, jewelry makers, fashion designers

all coming together and creating this collection.

I would like to talk about my piece, the name of my company is Subcontinent

and I restore funiture. This table is 120 to 150 years old

and I think that these days swings are not that common in houses

so our aim is to allow people to appreciate the antiques while also making use of them.

That’s why I give them a contemporary finish.


Zahid Raza

The work I have been doing has been inspired by the work of Zaha Hadid architect

who I worked for in London. The work deals with forms which imply movement

that have a certain sense of fluidity which have an organic nature

and the organic nature I have been trying to capture in my work

not only in the architectural terms but also in terms of product design and lighting.


Andre’ Meyerhans

My name is Andre’ Meyerhans and I am representing my artwork here at KOEL Gallery in Karachi to Art TV, thank you very much for that opportunity

and I would like to introduce you to the “Astrologer”

it is a prototype piece of jewelry which I have designed

based on a newly invented Arabic pattern, Muslim pattern

that revolves around theme of stars and you have 04 pieces in the entire set

and they actually go into each other.

You have the bangle, you have the collier that will set inside the bangle

then you have earrings, which can be put together

and then inserted into the collier and on top of it.

You have the ring that builds the center, the pattern is complete only in one position

it means you can rotate like an astrologer would do according to bringing the stars aligned

and the pattern will be complete over all 04 items

so that is the reason why it has been called the “Astrologer”.

the piece is made in 925 silver with Swiss Blue Topaz

and they are set in round stones and marquise stones to increase the luster.


Ayesha Sarfaraz

We are presenting our lamps over here not just lamps

there are different products and they are all made out of concrete.

We are a Lahore-based firm and we experiment with products a lot

and we showed in Lahore in December

and now we have brought this exhibition to Karachi.


Ali Murtaza

When I was approached to work on this exhibition

I decided that I wanted to do something which was very technology-based

but had an element of design where it helped make the technology more emotional and I tried to explore how technology around can be more like us.

it could have emotions, it could feel bad one day, it could have some flaws

so I created the light that needed space and the light which looks like a lamp from far

as you come closer, it starts switching off on the side that you are

so it doesn’t really want you near, so the farther you are

the brighter the light is, if a lot of people hurdle around it then completely shuts off

so it’s sort of a socially awkward lamp to put it easily.


Salman Jawed

This is actually a part of an installation which had happened in Dubai and London

and name of this installation was “Dallaan”

in which we were exploring the ideas of our childhood games

the games we have played in our childhood and this specific piece was one of its parts

we were six designers including a graphic designer,

textile designer, fine artists and ceramic artist

together, we created an installation that was named “Dallaan”

and this is also a part of that; this table is inspired by the “Marbles”

“Marble” which is used

the game which is played in our region, it’s made out of it and the same grit

and the idea is the game, it’s a center piece and which brings people together

and you can play flexible games on it which are played all around the world

and we have created few games based on it because our games are similar

they don’t have any fixed rules, they are very flexible

So we have kept it like that. The wood used was “Sheesham”

and the idea was to keep the concept of the found object intact

so it’s one piece of log which has been used

and we have tried to show the tradition which is the work of our inlay

but in a very contemporary manner.


Sadia Salim

So the name of today’s show is “Product”

which means any object that can be used

I work in ceramics so my work is placed on the back.

If you have seen disposable objects plastics cups and tin cans

so I took them and created shapes in ceramic

and these items can be used for drinking tea and other similar things.

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