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Amin Gulgee

Hello! I am Amin Gulgee

I am the Chief Curator of the upcoming Karachi Biennale, which will happen in October.

I am extremely excited; I have a team of 4 young, dynamic assistant curators

Sara Pagganwala, Humayun Memon, Zeerak Ahmed & Ammad Tahir

and we have been working very hard to bring Biennale to Karachi

our thematic is witness, it is a very strong important thematic for our time today

and I am incredibly excited to bring this energy to my home city of Karachi

thank you.


Riffat Alvi

This is the first Biennale of Karachi; it has raised the bar with this exhibition

and it has tiring effort of Niilofur Farrukh, including us. Karachi Biennale is so powerful

if you had been here, you would see how beautifully it is decorated

credit goes to Niilofur Farrukh who brought it forward

and provided us an opportunity to showcase our work and the way they have organized it

It’s something very very great.


Abdul Jabbar Gull

Today, we are at Karachi Frere Hall where the Karachi Biennale is officially inaugurated.

It’s an incredible initiative, the artwork people could see in confined spaces like art galleries would be displayed in public spaces. They have multiple projects and I am also part of few of them and i wish the best to Karachi Biennale team.


Almas Bana

Today was the launch of Karachi Biennale; we have been working for the last six months

and doing art programs in the city, today it is launched

it will culminate in October, November 2017

when we will exhibit art at ten different locations

it will be contemporary art, it will consist of paintings, performances, sculptures, videos.

In other words, we want to show the range of arts to the public

because a whole meaning of Biennale is to make art accessible for public

and we want it to be a good program, local government has supported us throughout

they have provided us this premises and they have also promised to provide other locations we are really thankful to them, and we want public to attend our program to see the art, modern art, contemporary art and support the Biennale.


Niilofur Farrukh

The people who are associated with the art of Karachi, art of this country

and in fact associated with the international arts attend many Biennale’s globally.

And the bigger Biennale takes place in the west like Venice and small Biennale like in our region

and I regularly go to Sharjah Biennale and Asian Art Biennale in Dhaka.

and I always feel why we cannot have our own Biennale to support art in Pakistan

the thought has been there for years in minds

then like-minded people formed a group, and then together, we took it forward

Now see, we are ready.



I am Pomme of Phenomena

I had the pleasure of organizing the launch of the Karachi Biennale

I am very excited to do this event, Frere Hall looks beautiful with the performance art and artwork and we wish the Biennal all the best.


Atteqa Malik

We invited Deputy Mayor of Karachi to this event and also the lead sponsors

people from the artist community and it has been very successful event.

The Chief Curator, Mr. Amin Gulgee has told us that it is going to be a very interesting exhibition, which would include performance art.

Young artists are participating and there are 80 artists from Pakistan and 40 International.

we are hoping that this exhibition will make people internationally see Karachi differently

and the impression of Karachi would change

and its vibrant culture be highlighted in the media and the international community.

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